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MSG 2016 (Middle School Gathering)

Why did we go to the 2016 Middle School Gathering?

This is why . . .

Tanzania Vision Trip 2016 First Entry

First entry: the wifi connectivity in Tanzania is very spotty so we are not going to be able to give daily updates as we'd hoped. We will be blogging daily, but may need to post our whole trip as one big entry when we get back. After 24 hours of travel the team made it safe and sound and exhausted. We exchanged money and visited the Angaza Women's Center which is vocational training for young women in the tailoring, hotel, and other fields.

Summer 2015 Snapshot - Everest VBS

Mountaintop Experience at VBS!

Everest VBS 2015 was a mountaintop experience for me, there’s no doubt about that.  The Bethany team who helped create Everest made this year one like no other, and there is no way to thank them enough.  The dreams and ideas that have been in the works since well before Christmas have now been realized or let go.  The dust hasn’t settled, and we are already dreaming up ideas for Cave Quest 2016… I can’t wait!

Summer 2015 Snapshot - Undefeated Sports Camp VBS

Undefeated! More than Conquerors!

We live in a society saturated by competition and excellence.  It permeates our vocabulary, even in the business world.  We strategize by trying to define the ‘win’ for a program or project.  To be undefeated is the ultimate sign of victory.

2015 Kaya Vision Trip Last Leg

Here we are. As we begin the last leg of our journey, one can't help but to reflect on all that we've experienced in the last week. Whether that be the places we saw, the people we met, or the messages we want to bring back to all our friends and family.

2015 LYSO (Lutheran Youth Serve Omaha)

It has been a fun and busy week at Lutheran Youth Serve Omaha (LYSO)! The camp is hosted by Kountze Memorial Lutheran Church in downtown Omaha. Each day is filled with worship, fellowship, songs, games and a different service project around the downtown Omaha area. I volunteered to serve with the younger children. Some of our service projects have included picking up trash at local parks, preparing bags for the Food Pantry, spreading mulch, sorting clothes, playing games with residents of a retirement home, and much more. Each age group has a different service project every day.

2015 Kaya Vision Trip Day 4

Day 4

We apologize that this blog post did not get posted last weekend. Due to connectivity issues in the jungle and other technical difficulties, we recently realized it was never sent.

Saturday morning we woke up in a truly amazing place, surrounded by lush green vegetation and the sounds of various wildlife. The previous day we had loaded up three buses, and  drove down the mountain with some VERY excited children. It was almost dark when we arrived, and there was little time to appreciate the beauty surrounding us. 


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