Milestone Events

Milestone Ministry provides a faith milestone as a marker along life's journey that says, "This is something important and God is here too." It is a faith formation practice for both home and congregation that helps all generations recognize God's presence in everyday life. 

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Baptism Milestone — for parents anticipating baptizing a child, who recently baptized a child, and anyone who would like to know more about the sacrament of baptism

You are invited to a special time of preparation at one of the Baptism Milestone events. Come enjoy meaningful time together, have caring conversations, learn about and/or review the importance of baptism, and take time to pray for those being baptized. We will include a special blessing to further encourage your journey of faith.  

New to Sunday School Milestone - for children 3-4 who have not yet begun Sunday School

Bible Milestone - 3rd grade

All 3rd graders and their parents or caregivers are invited to participate in worship where they will receive their own Bible. Worship will be followed by 3 weeks of Bible gatherings to explore the treasures that are in the Bible and also learn how you and your child can read, study and pray the Bible together.

Communion Milestone elementary

If your child is expressing an interest in participating more fully in worship, and feels 'left out' of communion, now may be the time to consider attending.

At Bethany we allow families to consider the personal readiness of their children.  Because nobody can use reason or logic to understand the mystery of Christ's presence in, with, and under the bread and wine, this miracle of the sacrament can only be accepted through faith.  We recognize that the faith of a child is completely able to trust that miracle. 

Devotion Milestone 4th and 5th grades

This Milestone event is designed to find simple ways to include personal devotion time in your daily life, and to help you recognize God in your everyday life.

Prayer Milestone 2nd grade

The focus is prayer and talking with God, all day and nighttime, too! We will have fun and experience talking with God.   

My Body, God's Gift 5th grade

Welcome to Worship — 2 year olds

Graduate Milestone

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