Small Groups

Small groups are at the heart of Bethany's ministries. They are an intentional opportunity to practice what Jesus modeled by taking faith outside the walls of the church and into homes and public gathering spaces. If you would like to join or start a small group please complete this form so we can help get you started. These groups meet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly in homes and at the church. If you don't see a group that fits your needs please consider becoming a leader. Equipping and support provided. To learn more, please contact Anna Musselman.

Small Group Discussion Questions

Small group discussion questions are designed to be a starting point for deeper conversation within your group.  Check back each week for questions related to the weekly sermon theme. 

Interactive sermon notes are now available on the Bethany Elkhorn app.  It's simple to fill in your answers within the app.  Then you have the option of emailing your answers to yourself for reference. They're readily available at a small group discussion later in the week, or for encouragement months later.  Download the app today.

Faith Apps Series April/May 2017

Hidden Within Sunday Lent Series 2017

Nourishing Faith Series February 2017

Staging Life Series January 2017


Jubilee is a group of people in the time of their lives where they can focus on family, faith and friends.  This group generally meets offsite for fellowship and activities.   

Jubilee Brunch and Guest Speaker


This senior fellowship group meets the third Thursday of each month.  Most gatherings are held at Bethany, but will also occasionally meet offsite for various activities.  Contact Joy Gilinsky at 402.669.8607 with questions.

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