Marriage Date Night

July 17 | August 21 | October 9 | 6:30 pm

One of the best ways to express our love is by reserving some of our good energy and time for one another. Setting aside special time to be together, whether that’s for a date night, a relaxed breakfast, or a movie on the couch, is vital to the health of your marriage.

Join the marriage ministry team for great evening that will enrich your marriage.

The night starts with a 30-minute presentation. After the presentation, couples will be encouraged to spend some time together discussing the guided questions.

About Better Love from Drs. Les and Leslie Parrot

A husband-and-wife team who not only share the same name, but the same passion for helping others build healthy relationships.

Nobody falls in love with the hope of having a shallow relationship. In fact, what we long for is to have deep love. How do you get there? That can be such a mystery. When we focus in on key areas of relationships, we can grow toward better love and harmony in our marriages

  • Personality – appreciating your differences
  • Communication – the life blood of relationships
  • Conflict – navigating through to bring you closer together
  • Adaptability – capacity to adjust to things beyond your control

Want to get involved? Have questions? Contact Anna.

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