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Bold and Brave Women's Conference

Throwing off the shackles of fear to live in freedom

Saturday, October 6, 2018

9am – 3:30 pm | check-in at 8:30

Join us as we welcome the Wholly Loved Team who will focus this year’s conference on helping women break free from fear to live in freedom and embrace gloriously, divinely orchestrated risks for Christ.

Throughout Scripture, God issues the command: Do not fear. In Christ, we’ve been given everything we need to live with boldness and bravery, and to leave an eternal impact. We can move from fear to faith and from lives characterized by isolation and hiding to those that set the world on fire for Christ.

This event focuses on:

Free from Fear—Taking Steps Toward Freedom

God commands His children not to throughout Scripture, and He’s given us the power and tools to live this out. When we lean on Him, trust in His promises and love, and allow His truth to permeate our being, our fears grow smaller and our courage stronger.

Free to Trust—Learning to Rely on the One Whose Opinion Matters Most

If God hadn’t intervened, author, speaker, and ministry leader Jennifer Slattery would’ve spent her life hidden in her office behind her nice, safe computer. A recovering people pleaser, she allowed the sting of a past rejection to hold her in bondage and keep her in isolation. This overriding fear of rejection coupled with a shameful past caused her to fight against God and nearly kept her from living out her calling. It took God forcing her through a series of very uncomfortable experiences for her to learn to rest in her God-given identity. This and this alone freed her from her pervasive fear of rejection and enabled her to live in freedom God has granted.

Free to Thrive—Grabbing hold of the abundant life by saying yes to God

If we want to follow after Christ and embrace the abundant, full and fulfilling life He promised, we’ll need to learn to embrace risk. This faith-journey God has called us on is fueled by choosing to trust, even when the road ahead is shrouded in fog or it feels like God’s led us on a never-ending round-about. The bold and brave Christian life is marked by surrender and deep reliance on the One who calls us to keep walking as we press into God and deepen our trust in Him.