Prayer services

Healing Prayer Services

Bethany is committed to bringing the healing power of Jesus’ love to those in need of healing and wholeness through healing prayer services. The church family, neighborhood, and community are filled with people who are hurting physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Bethany’s healing services are an outreach of Bethany’s Care and Wellness ministry and are held throughout the year.

Blue Christmas Service

December 15 | 3 pm | Chapel

 The Christmas season can be less than merry for anyone grieving a loss. Whether this is a loss of a loved one, health, job, marriage, relationship, or dream you need the space and time to acknowledge your loss, be reminded you are not alone, and take in a deep breath of hope.

In the season of Advent the color blue represents Hope, signifying the anticipation we have for the coming light of Christ.  Through scripture, prayer and music we will be reminded of the message of comfort and hope the season brings, as God comes to shine light into our darkness. To those that have lost a loved one you are welcome to bring an ornament in their memory to put on the Christmas Memory Tree. 

Weekly Meditation in the Prayer Room

Every Tuesday at 9 am

When we meditate regularly, we silently calm or focus our mind for relaxation and spiritual reasons. When we meditate, it is possible to put a stop to racing thoughts, making us less distracted. We will experience different types of meditation techniques. As we pray and meditate, we can hopefully deepen our relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and how we relate to others, the world and ourselves.