Age: Primarily geared toward Elementary. This milestone is for those who have not taken communion before and for those who want to have a deeper understanding of communion even if they have had their “first” communion.  

This milestone is offered on Saturday Mornings from 9am – 12pm. We make communion bread to be used at the next communion service. We also hear from our pastors on the importance communion and its ties to the Bible.    

If your child is expressing an interest in participating more fully in worship, and feels ‘left out’ of communion, now may be the time to consider attending. At Bethany we allow families to consider the personal readiness of their children.  Because nobody can use reason or logic to understand the mystery of Christ’s presence in, with, and under the bread and wine, this miracle of the sacrament can only be accepted through faith.  We recognize that the faith of a child is completely able to trust that miracle.  

Milestones are a chance for parents and children to gather and be equipped with faith tools to connect faith with daily life. Milestones are open to the whole community to participate. Ages are suggested but events are open to all who are interested. Parents or caregivers attend each milestone with their child/youth.