Milestones are a chance for parents and children to gather and be equipped with faith tools to connect faith with daily life. Milestones are open to the whole community to participate. Ages are suggested but events are open to all who are interested. Parents or caregivers attend each milestone with their child/student.

  • Baptism (any age)

Baptism is an important first step in our faith journey. This milestone is for caregivers who plan to baptize a child or who have recently baptized a child, and anyone who is interested in being baptized.

  • Communion (recommended for 8-12 yrs)

This milestone is designed for those who have not taken communion before and for those who want to have a deeper understanding of communion. We encourage families to consider the personal readiness of their children.

  • Welcome to Worship (18 mos – 3 yrs)

This milestone is about Bethany intentionally inviting toddlers and their grown-ups to worship. This milestone equips caregivers with tools to engage young children in worship and understand the important part these little ones play in our community.

  • Entering Journey Kids (3-5 yrs)

This milestone helps kids become familiar with the pre-K spaces, Journey Kids curriculum, and schedule. Families will experience a large group/ small group format designed specifically for our Pre-K friends.

  • Kids & Money (1st grade)

Kids and their grown-ups will learn that money isn’t just about what we do with it. This milestone helps kids and families learn more about how God intends for us to appreciate and use the gift of money and that it all belongs to Him.

  • Prayer (2nd grade)

Kids learn that prayer is about talking with God any time of the day. We will explore the Lord’s Prayer and create several tools to help kids as they learn to pray.

  • Bible (3rd grade)

Kids and their grown-ups participate in 3 weeks of Bible gatherings to explore the treasures that are in the Bible and learn how you and your child can read, study and pray the Bible together. Each student will receive their own Bible.

  • Devotions (4th grade) 

This Milestone event is designed to find simple ways to include personal devotion time in your daily life. Kids and their grown-ups learn that the best way to know God is to spend time in God’s Word. Devotion book included.

  • Image of God (5th grade)

Pre-teens are growing—physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. The milestone gives families a safe place to begin conversations about body image, self-esteem, acceptance, and how each of us is created in God’s image.