Funeral Planning

Plan your own resurrection celebration

One of the truly exciting things that has started to happen in Christian congregations is that we are finding people who would like to be able to have some voice in planning their own resurrection celebration. This is a very beautiful way of emphasizing that death is a natural part of our Christian existence and is only the doorway to eternity with Christ Jesus. As we face the certainty of death in this mature manner, it also serves as a real help to our remaining family and loved ones, for the planning of a service is always a very complicated and uncertain thing for the mourners, who over and over ask, “I wonder how _____ would have wanted it?” This pre-planner enables the family to know your wishes in the event of your death.

If you would like, download, print and complete the form below and either place it in a safety deposit box or somewhere at home where your family will know where to find it and give a copy to Bethany. This will be kept on file in the office, and can be changed at any time, at your request. It is not meant to be binding on the family, but only to make your feelings and wishes known.