… yet because of your shameless audacity, he will surely get up and give you as much as you need. Luke 11:8

One thing that I am learning to do is to offer God prayers that are beyond my resources. I sometimes can forget that prayer should be a “calculated risk.” When we traveled to Costa Rica last year, Christian, a missionary serving in a gang-dominated neighborhood of San Jose shared his journey. Before he moved his family, he told me, he prayed that the only way he would go on this new venture in a dangerous part of Costa Rica is if God would show up big and provide. And indeed, God did, and still does. Christian wakes up each day not knowing where the food will come from to feed the men taking shelter in their church. These are men who are trying to escape the street gangs. They have found a temporary bed where they hear the gospel message preached and can clean up. Not a day goes by that some type of mysterious out-of-nowhere event occurs. When we were there, several fish and a huge bag of bread (not kidding) were brought in because a local market shared. In our prayers, we need to claim a promise from God for something only God can do, not something you can do with God’s help.

What prayer request is so big that you need God to show up? What big thing is on your heart that you believe God is calling you to do, but you don’t have the resources or courage to pursue it? Start praying about it, about why you believe God will be glorified when answered.

Join us in worship on October 20th as Pastor Christian will join us and share more about how God’s remarkable generosity and provision is changing lives in and through his ministry.

Pastor Jon