You know you are created by God to do something significant. You sense that you are meant for something unique and special, but where do you start? We want you to live the one life you have been given, one that is worthy of the calling that you have from God. And you can reclaim your call any day of the year – even any time of the day.

What does it mean to be called by God? You have been set apart by God, chosen by Him, gifted by Him, and called to make a difference. It sounds almost like an overwhelming burden to hurry up and figure out what you are being called to do. And what if you miss it?

But here is a spoiler alert: you cannot miss your calling. Because your calling is about who you are becoming more than what you are doing. You are infused with the power of the Holy Spirit to live a holy life. This is why there are so many different expressions of the one call God has for your life. You have an opportunity every day to wake up and let God lead. This is how you honor God’s call.

Once you understand your call starts with who you are, then you can move into the foundation of your call as it shows up in life. Scripture spells out more of what we are called to:

  1. God calls you to SALVATION: Before God ever calls you to a job, God calls you to Himself. He calls you to salvation, to be transformed by the grace of Jesus.
  2. God calls you to SANCTIFICATION: Sanctification essentially means to be set apart. It echoes the earlier discussion that God has called you to a holy (loving) life.
  3. God calls you to SERVICE: Your unique gifts have been placed in you by God; you engage and lean into experience, personality, and talents to make a difference in this world and to serve. Your calling for service can be very specific or very broad. Whatever you do, serve and do it for Jesus.

When you have doubts or questions as to whether you are qualified or ready to dive into your calling, keep coming back to these three things. God routinely calls those who are untrained, unqualified, and unprepared. Those are who He calls to make a difference in the world.


God does not call the prepared, God prepares the called .

What is something that is on your heart that you can’t shake? That voice that no matter how much you try to say “that’s crazy” or “that can never happen” or “that’s for someone else but definitely not me.” That one thing that no matter how hard you try to forget about it, it continues to tug at your heart, and come into your mind. That is no accident. That is no mistake. That voice, that call, that tug is the Holy Spirit at work.

The Holy Spirit is working in and through you. Trust that the Holy Spirit is working and then respond by saying “God I know that you are with me, I trust that you are working in me and through the world around me, and now I will respond to you with all that I have, and all that I am.” Trust the Holy Spirit is working because when you do you will find yourself responding in ways you couldn’t even imagine. God fills, sustains, and energizes you to move forward.

We continue to invite our community to connect with small groups, make a giving plan, and contact us more about further discovering your specific call. To learn more visit our website or email us to get more involved with the Bethany community.