Faith & Race

Hope for a Better World


As persons called to love one another as God has loved us, we proclaim our commitment to speak with one voice against acts of racism and systematic racism.  We stand with those who are targets of racist ideologies and actions.  As Christ-followers, God compels us to exorcise the sins of injustice, racism in church and society and within ourselves as individuals and households.  We believe the local church is to embody the message of Jesus and in doing so engage our communities with the hope of Jesus.  It is that hope which offers the highest power for healing and wholeness.


Join the Conversation

Below is a collection of resources to read, watch, and share around the topics of racism, culture, and faith.  Like most libraries, this is a vast and diverse collection. Some resources focus on historical education. Others are prescriptive, editorial, or fictional narratives. A wide variety of voices are included. Some resources are communicated from a Christian viewpoint, while others are not. All provide opportunities to listen and learn. Each can be a catalyst for change.


Serving Others

John 13:15 For I have given you an example, that you also should do just as I have done to you.

Jesus sets and example for us to follow. In an act of love, humility, and service, Jesus washed His disciples’ feet. In the same way, He encourages us to follow His lead and serve one another.  Ask Jesus to work through you to love and serve others. This may bring out some things you need to address and work on, but it will be worth it! He can change your heart, soften the edges, and teach you to love others with kindness and compassion.

Here are just a few options to get started. 

  • Food 4 Kids – food donation, sort, pack, deliver
  • Open Door Mission – Saturday Serve
  • Bridges Out of Poverty
  • Prison Ministry