Student Ministry Building Initiative

Student Ministry Building Initiative

Select Ridiculously Generous Initiative in the fund drop-down menu.
Our earthly perception of “ridiculous” describes the absurd, illogical, and shocking things we often disregard. Yet, our heavenly Father elevates ridiculously small plans, contributions, and seeds of faith to magnify His kingdom. Do we overlook the potential of little sacrifices?

The Plan

Our smaller members – kids and students – need a bigger space with greater flexibility. This fall, we can repurpose our Activity Center to level up Next Generation Worship, small group discussions, and larger gatherings.

Please consider a one-time gift to equip our Activity Center with the following updates:

  • Audio / Visual / Lighting System
  • Carpet, Paint, Blinds
  • Acoustic Sound Panels
  • Mobile Room Dividers

Our Goals


Raising $125,000 will upgrade our Activity Center for generations to come.


“Ridiculously big or small” demonstrations of sacrificial generosity shepherd our kids and students to spread God’s glory.


Beyond creating a better space let’s build a stronger connection of church and fellowship among our students, kids, and young families.