Hospitality Team

Radical Hospitality is a core value at Bethany and it takes a team to do it well. Sundays simply could not happen without our Radical Hospitality Team Members.

Radical Hospitality Team Members welcome all guests who enter the church. In addition to greeting people, team members answer questions and help guests find their way around the church. Radical Hospitality Team Members are called to share God’s amazing love with everyone who enters our church.

Team Leader: This group is responsible for leading a Radical Hospitality Team through the details of a Sunday morning as well as caring for their team members. They work closely with the Radical Hospitality Coordinator.

Parking Team: This group serves our guests in the parking lot with a warm welcome, clear direction with optional front door drop-off and handicap helpers, and a sincere sendoff.

Information Center Team: This team works along side Bethany staff members at the Information Centers by answering questions, providing clear information, and helping them take next steps.

Greeters: These team members serve our guests at the doors and in the hallways by making them feel valued with a genuine greeting, a friendly presence, and a personalized experience by helping them with any additional needs as they arrive.

Ushers: These team members are our section leaders in the Sanctuary serving our guests by welcoming, connecting and even taking prayer requests.

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