Music / Worship Arts

Music & Worship Arts

Our goal for music and worship arts at Bethany is to create an environment that allows everyone to receive and praise God in their own individual way.

“Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.” Leo Buscaglia

Here are are few ways to share God’s gifts:

Worship Band

The Worship Band includes, but is not limited to, piano, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, lead guitar, drums and keys. All contemporary worship music is played using chord charts. All levels of musicians are welcome to audition.

Worship Singers

A Worship Singing Team is made up of 4-6 male and female vocalists. The best practice for most teams is to sing melody, with only 1 or 2 people singing harmony. You are encouraged to seek out worship team opportunities by first joining one of our seasonal choirs (Christmas & Easter).

Celebration Choir

The Celebration Choir is for ALL singers and if the spirit says move, even non-singers. We celebrate in fellowship for about six weeks before Christmas and Easter. The music is always fun and easy, and the fellowship is worth coming back the next week. If you’re curious, the Celebration Choir is an AWESOME way to get your foot in the door and meet new people!

Media Team

The Media Team offers multiple ways to serve. Sound, Light, Camera, and Visual Technicians serve behind the scenes to create an environment where people can worship freely without distraction. Apart from running sound, there are no qualifications to fill a media booth position.

Cast and Crew

Teams are constantly being developed as needed including both actors and stage hands. Growing areas include Oasis, Christmas Eve, Holy Week, and Easter. Someone interested in being a Sunday scripture reader could also contact us.

Piano Accompanist

Piano Accompanists are encouraged to contact us if you are interested in playing at church. We will add you to a players list, in which you could be called on to play for traditional services, weddings, funerals and/or special events.

Want to get involved? Have questions? Contact Brad.

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