Sunday Worship Celebrations


This traditional Lutheran Service from The Lutheran Book of Worship is celebrated in the Chapel.

9 & 10:30am

Worship Celebrations featuring contemporary words and music are celebrated in the Worship Center.

Lord’s Supper

The Lord’s Supper (Holy Communion) is celebrated each Sunday at all worship services. All are welcome.

Current Worship Series

Be Blessed 2019

risk-taking mission

You are blessed with gifts and talents and your potential is important.  But pursuing greatness isn’t enough. We need our pursuit of greatness to serve a greater purpose. To make that kind of a difference in the world, connect your story to the larger story God is telling in human history. Let God use your gifts and talents to serve others; and be blessed.

Families & Kids

Families of all ages are welcome and encouraged to worship together at Bethany. Children are always welcome in worship. Child-friendly bags are available as you enter the worship center. If your child becomes restless, the lobby is available for you to attend to your child’s needs and still participate in worship. The quiet room is also available off the east entrance if you need a private space.  Feel free to re-enter worship when your child is ready.