Confirmation at Bethany is a 5 year program. 6th grade spends time in classes learning big story of the Bible and how that story impacts their lives. 7th grade dives into Luther’s small catechism to explore who Luther is and what does it mean to be a Lutheran. The 8th grade year is a transition year where the fall is primarily in the classroom asking big questions of faith and the spring is primarily in small groups seeing how faith applies to daily life. 9th and 10th grades meet regularly as a small group and once a month with the other small groups in their grade.

2020-21 Registration

Classes begin the week of September 16.

Fall 2020 Schedule

The fall semester schedule varies by grade level to allow for both in person and online learning. 

Spring 2021 Schedule

The fall semester schedule varies by grade level to allow for both in person and online learning. 

You can help make a difference

Each year over 300 youth participate in our Confirmation program. Our goal is to help shepherd each youth’s faith so they can explore their curiosity and become committed Christ followers in their daily lives. To do this, we need adults to accompany them on their journey.

Will you serve with love and walk with them? Teaching components, supplies, and staff support are provided.

We need leaders who will show up, be themselves, and believe in the promise we make at each baptism to support faith development in our young people.

In baptism we are born into God’s family and offered a gift of new life.  In baptism parents, sponsors and our faith community promise to nurture and teach faith. Confirmation is an important time in our faith journey where students grow in their understanding of the Word, Sacraments and a deeper understanding of what it means to live faithfully. Confirmation provides a safe place for students to explore faith and ask questions.  They engage deeper in faith as they discuss questions and wrestle with how faith directs their life with their peers.  Ultimately it is about taking ownership of their faith and deepening their relationship with Christ.  

Confirmation, or Affirmation of Faith, provides an opportunity for the individual Christian, relying on God’s promise given in Baptism, to make a personal public profession of the faith and a lifelong pledge of faithfulness to Christ.   

6th Grade


Objective: To learn what it means to belong to the Christian faith. Students will learn more about our main guide in discipleship, the Bible; as well as how to communicate with God through prayer and learning the Lord’s Prayer.

7th Grade

Lutheran Faith—Believe  

Objective: To dig deeper into the How, Why, & What you believe as Lutherans.

8th Grade

Questions, Answers and Discussion—Bless 

Objective: To question, wrestle and develop your faith in a safe, faith-based environment so you can develop skills to be a blessing to others.

9th Grade

Now What? — Application 

Objective: Putting it all together and tackling how we can live out the Bethany Mission Statement by joining a small group.  Learn what it means to live in community with others as you grow together as followers of Jesus ready to believe, belong and bless.

10th Grade

 Living as Disciples– Application  

Objective: Continue in small groups, learning what it means to be a disciple as they continue to believe, belong, and bless. Students will also prepare to declare their faith in the spring of this year.

Students will be confirmed in the spring of their 10th grade year.

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