Middle School

At Transform, we seek to build a faith community where our students are seen and heard. We equip our students with the love of Christ in order to transform the world.

Transform! Wednesdays | 7-8 pm | Beginning Aug 24

Our middle school ministry is open to anyone in 6th-8th grade. We’ll gather to worship, eat, serve and have fun together.

Serve in Student Ministry

It takes more than 50 adults each week to make student ministry successful. Positions include small group leaders, tech team, game leaders, and hospitality. Will you help make a difference for our students?


Students in 6th-8th grade are invited to engage in our middle school ministry, Transform.  Throughout Transform, students will explore the basics of the Christian faith, theological contributions of Lutheranism, and equip students with a positive Christian community.  The Confirmation Celebration is an event where students affirm their faith publicly and celebrate God’s promises in their baptism.  Each child is on their own unique journey as they unlock their gifts of faith as young adults and become full members of the church. The Confirmation celebration happens in the fall of the student’s 9th-grade year.

Confirmation FAQ

What if my child is not baptized, can they still be confirmed?  Confirmation is an affirmation of one’s baptism.  To be baptized please contact Student Ministries to schedule a baptism.  You can choose to do so publicly or privately.

What if my child was already confirmed in another church, can they participate in student ministry?  Absolutely, the content for Transform and Merge reinforces confirmation teachings and seeks to give students a sense of being seen and belonging in a faith community.

What if I choose not to have my child confirmed?  No problem.  Students do not need to be confirmed in order to participate in Transform.

What if I cannot attend all the weekly gatherings?  We know that family life can be busy.  We want your child’s experience to be enjoyable.  Confirmation is not a school program or a merit-based system, there is no pass/fail.  It is available for all families to support their desire for their children to learn and affirm their faith.

What happens after the confirmation celebration?  Students are invited to continue their faith journey by participating in our high school ministry, Merge.

Can my child bring a friend to Transform or Merge?  Please do.  In fact, it is expected that friends can drop in and be a part of any of our events or gatherings. 

Want to get involved? Have questions? Contact Jimmy

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